• Faster cooking times, tastier, juicier foods
  • The high speed cooking greatly reduces shrinkage and high nutritional value is retained.
  • Allows the caterer to COOK TO ORDER a wide variety of foods without sacrificing quality
  • Silesia Velox grills are renowned for their outstanding quality and durability
  • All Silesia Velox equipment is built to operate 24 hours a day and won't let you down
  • Silesia Velox Grills invented the concept of top and bottom heating over 35 years ago

Silesia Velox Technical Information & Cooking Times


Model Dimensions
L x D x H mm
Grill Plates
L x D mm
Weight kg 
 CG1   430x540x560   340x220   230v 2.35Kw   13 / 17
 CG2   830x540x560   340x220 2 x 230v 2.35Kw   25 / 33

Suggested Cooking Times

Meat Fish Snacks
Steak 2 mins Fillets 2 mins Quick Eggs 3 sec
Hamburgers 1 ½ min Kippers 2 mins Omelettes 25 sec
Chicken Fillets 1 ½ min Trout 3 mins Griddled Eggs 1 min
Gammon 1 ½ min     English Breakfast 1 min
Kebabs 2 min     Crepes 15 sec
Chops 3 min     Pizza 3 min
Bacon 30 sec     Garlic Bread 1 min

Times quoted are a general guide. Actual times depend on the quality, thickness and temperature of the product. General Rule: 1 minute of grill time per 1 cm of meat thickness. For frozen foods, double the time. Due to the hinges and floating top cooking plate, the grill can accommodate products up to 9 cm thick.

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